Q: If a vacancy is placed with WerkMindz Recruitment, how will you go about filling the position?

A: The vacancy will be advertised on several leading local and national job sites.

The vacancy will also be advertised on our market leading specialist website, on being uploaded to the site candidates who have signed up for qualifying job alerts will immediately receive an email alerting them to the newly created vacancy.

We will also conduct a full “search” of our internal database, although the database is fully integrated and computerised no automated or computer matching will take place.

The WerkMindz database has in excess of 30000 live candidates across a wide range of skills sets, we are able to keep in regular contact with candidates via automated SMS messages and emails. All CV’s are reviewed manually by a consultant before being selected.

Each candidate will receive a call from a fully trained consultant to discuss the position and for us to conduct a telephone interview. Amongst other things we will discuss with the candidate salary expectations, current salary, travelling distance to the client, reason for looking to leave current company and notice period.

The information gathered from the telephone interview and the CV will then be reviewed and a final decision on weather to present the candidate will be made.

The CV along with any additional information requested and notes if relevant will be presented on email to the client.

Q: How will WerkMindz Recruitment manage the interview process?

A: Candidates will be contacted via phone to confirm interview availability following a client interview request. Once a suitable time is confirmed then the candidate will be sent an “interview pack” this contains information on the clients business, directions, job spec and who to ask for on arrival etc.

Candidates must confirm receipt of this document within 48 hours or within 24 hours of the interview date which ever comes sooner. As a final check the candidate will receive a call the night before the interview to confirm attendance and to go through any questions.

Following the interview we will speak to the candidate to obtain their feedback, which we will then pass on to the client verbally or via email.

Q: How will WerkMindz Recruitment deal with offers of employment?

A: WerkMindz will make the offer verbally to the candidate and will confirm the candidates verbal acceptance, we will then forward contact details to the client for formal paperwork to be drawn up.

If an offer is declined we will establish why and will ascertain if there is anything that can be done the turn the situation around. If an offer is accepted then we will keep in touch will the candidate, we will confirm that the contract has been received, deal with any questions on the contract, confirm that the candidate has resigned, obtain a start date and keep in touch with the candidate with a weekly Friday afternoon call until the candidate starts with the client.